Okrzyki, przyjaciel! (chaircrusher) wrote,
Okrzyki, przyjaciel!


i want to reflect more fully on the trip and post pictures etc but:

London -- cheers to hanging out with lk & radish & tristan & hannah, jeers to everything being twice as expensive as the US.

Dublin -- cheers to bloomday, hiking up to the top of the hill in Howth, Howth Abbey, Giant nonsensical "Parable of the Plums" extravaganza in O'Connell street. Extra cheers to Guiness, both the frequent imbibing thereof, and the brewery tour. Jeers to the wanker who puked his guts up in the hostel sink, and the scary co-ed shower room. imagine undressing, showering, and getting re-dressed in a nasty broom-closet sized stall.

Paris -- cheers to museums, architecture, and merguez frite, jeers to it being hard to figure out. There isn't another city thats prettier, or one where not ordering a carafe of tap water and getting mineral water is a $5 mistake.

Amsterdam -- cheers to Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh, Ann Frank Haus, amphibious rats in the canals, and the best record stores we found in Europe. Jeers to those speeding trams ringing their bells at the last moment before you either jump out of the way or get ground under the wheels.

Euro 2004 rocks. We watched 2 english games with Brits who were, as they say, gutted when they lost. We watched Holland win to go to the quarter finals on the Leidesplein, after which hundreds of crazed Dutch kids jumped up and down and sang their football anthems.

I've got great pics, if we ever made it home. We're on an unscheduled overnight in Brooklyn because Continental canceled our flight. Continental stranded 60 people in JFK, and had nothing to offer them -- no hotel rooms, no booking us on other airlines to get to our destination, nothing. They're on my DO NOT FLY list now permanently, especially when they screwed up our connections royally before the trip. Believe me, if you have ANY alternative do not give those crap-artists any money. I want to shit their fucking faces off.
As it were.
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