Okrzyki, przyjaciel! (chaircrusher) wrote,
Okrzyki, przyjaciel!

Do The Continental

As I wrote about before going to Europe, Continental Airlines made the time leading up to our trip to Europe fraught with anxiety. Fraught! I say.

Well they weren't done with us. When Lucas and I got back to JFK, our flight home through Cleveland was canceled due to weather. I can't blame Continental for the
weather, but the only option they offered was to stay in a hotel overnight and fly out the next day. No paying for hotel rooms, no putting us on other carriers, no sympathy. They obviously subscribe to the 'tough shit' school of customer relations.

Since I had family in Brooklyn & Queens I asked for a rebooking the following day from La Guardia. We took a $35 cab ride to Park Slope to spend the night. The next day we got up and took the subway & city bus to LGA. Fyi take the 2 train to 42nd street, then take the 7 to the 74th and Broadway station, then take the Q33 to LGA. Cost per person: $4.50, elapsed time 1 hr 15.

We get to the Continental counter 90 minutes before departure, and they inform us that we're on an overbooked flight and they won't give us boarding passes. We can A) stay another day in New York or B) go to Newark for a direct flight to Chicago. No, they won't help us with the transportation cost -- $20 a person. No, they won't get us seats on an alternate carrier.

In other words, Continental -- who originally changed our connection from Newark to Chicago's flight time so that the connection was impossible -- once again fucked us over and showed zero sympathy and zero support for customers put in distress. We ended up out over $80 on transport costs. Luckily Lucas still had some cash left over after the trip, because I hit JFK with $25 in my pocket and no credit cards; otherwise we would have spent the night in the airport with very little money for food.

Anyway, Continental is a bad, bad, shitty, incompetent, stupid airline and no one should ever willingly book another flight on it. If you do book a ticket on Continental be sure to have contingency plans, because they're likely to butt-rape you if there's any problems at all.
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