Okrzyki, przyjaciel! (chaircrusher) wrote,
Okrzyki, przyjaciel!

John Hostettler is a consumate shit

I ranted about HR 3313 the other day, calling it's author John Hostettler(R-Indiana) a fucking muppet.

Turns out that Hostettler has a career of distinguished muppetry behind him. He was detained for trying to board a plane with a loaded gun in his briefcase in April. He was detained but not arrested. I wonder if I would be merely detained if I tried to bring a piece on the plane.

Oh and in 2001 Hostettler was responsible for what he called the 'Gun Owners Protection Act of 2001.' This is a devious bit of work on behalf of the NRA and weapons manufacturers. The Clinton administration had made a deal with Smith and Wesson to give them preferential treatment in Defense Contracts in return for S&W limiting their sales to regular citizens. Hostettler's amendment nullifies that agreement, so that other gun manufacturers won't be pressured into cutting similar deals.

Seems Hostettler specializes in Congressional gamesmenship -- pushing through obscure language to further his ideological goals without providing a clear target to his opponents.

And I don't really know if John Hostettler is a consumate shit or not, or simply a narrowly focused shit savant. I just want to come out on top if you Google for 'Hostettler shit'

(merde savant?)
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