Okrzyki, przyjaciel! (chaircrusher) wrote,
Okrzyki, przyjaciel!

Song of the day

Eek-a-mouse Dyer Maker

Eek-a-mouse has been a popular figure in Jamaica for almost 30 years, and is the sort of pound-a-week-of-ganja nutter only Jamaica can produce. Who else would cover a Led Zeppelin song that was their rip-off of roots reggae, and make it into such a clownish tour de force? And manage to incorporate the 'Batman' theme as a little bonus?

Eek-a-mouse even did a version of "The Godfather Theme" (Gangster Chronicles), illustrating another great meme in Jamaican music -- the whole canon of American music is just so much raw material -- no song so crapulent that they won't do a cover version. All of the Clint Eastwood Ennio Morricone western themes have reggae versions, andI have an old Trojan compilation that has a version of "Mr. Bojangles" fer cryin out loud -- complete with dopey orchestra arrangement that they loop rather than pay for the orchestra to play it twice.

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