Okrzyki, przyjaciel! (chaircrusher) wrote,
Okrzyki, przyjaciel!

vegetarian update

The results of a few experiments:

I picked up a little Braun juicer at a garage sale, and did what one does: I tried juicing a bunch of stuff.

1. Carrots -- surpisingly sweet, though I was using organic locally-grown carrots. I've always found grocery store mass-market carrots kind of bitter. I'll do this more, but no more than a couple times a week, lest I turn orange.

2. Parlsey -- very green tasting. Not something I'd drink every day for refreshment, though with the massive quantities of clorophyll, vitamin C etc it's no doubt good. Kind of like drinking your lawn, and doesn't taste as good as munching on parsley.

3. Radishes -- whoa. A shocking pink color, with a head of foam. The taste? Seems to magnify all the reasons people dislike radishes -- kind of skunky, with a slight wasabi burn to it. It was 3pm and I'd last eaten about noon, and all of a sudden I felt uncomfortably full, and got cold sweats, so there's something in it that isn't in the standard nutritional information. Definitely a drink I'd imagine The Grinch drinking.

4. When we can get good ones, everyone in the family likes artichokes. The traditional dip is hollandaise, which is kind of the anti-diet: egg yolks and butter. We generally use mayonnaise, which with egg whites and vegetable oil is kind of the anti-holandaise. I tried something a little different: I blended soft tofu with yoghurt, added some good prepared mustard, olive oil, salt and pepper. The result had the texture of thick ranch dressing and tasted quite nice, though everyone else opted for mayonnaise after trying a couple of artichoke leaves with my stuff. It would probably be a hit on salads, even for people who aren't trying to diet or limit fat intake.

5. We had shrimp & pasta last night. Shrimp is very low fat, but apparently high in cholesterol, and today I don't feel that great -- like fuller than I should for what I ate, and kind of slow and bloated. I'll give shellfish a pass in the future.
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