Okrzyki, przyjaciel! (chaircrusher) wrote,
Okrzyki, przyjaciel!

Why I know it's right to be anti-war

... because all the complete fucktards are pro-war -- Incidentally that link is going to re-route you to a 'registration' page for the Daily Iowan. I fuckin hate those. Either your newspaper on-line is FREE, or it's NOT. So STOP with the demographics collection already! Do your marketing the old fashioned way, ya stupid ass clowns. Especially the Daily Iowan. Don't you know all the local bars, and dry-cleaners, and those annoying sports clothing stores SHITCAN your cute little demographics pamphlet? They know already that students and staff of the University of Iowa read the Daily Iowan!

The guy I feel sorry for is the one whose e-mail address is fuck@you.com, which is the e-mail address I give most often. I'd LOVE to see how many e-mail messages go to that address.

But I digress: some excerpts from this article:

'They share their first and last name, wear glasses, and live in Iowa City.

'The similarities stop there for Dave Michael Goodner, a 30-year-old veteran of the U.S. Army who supports the Iraq war, and Dave Anthony Goodner, a UI student who is one of the leading antiwar protesters on campus.

'The elder Goodner has been receiving the other's phone calls ever since he moved to Iowa City in March 1999, but recent mix-ups over the name have become menacing.

'"I got a call last week saying I was a communist faggot and I better not be seen in public," said Dave Michael, who served as a general mechanic in the Army from 1992-94. "They clearly had us confused."'

Now, it hardly pays to deconstruct a phone call like that. People who make threatening phone calls seem never to come up with insults that are on-topic. More disturbing, later in the article:

'Others who are sympathetic to the antiwar views call looking for guidance from the man who organized the 24-hour Peace Camp on the Pentacrest.

'"Someone called me last weekend at 3:20 a.m. saying there were people throwing rocks at their tents and that I should go help," Dave Michael said. "That's when I knew this [had] become a problem."'

What's interesting about this is that there's been very little reporting about the Peace Camp, and none about the namecalling and violence it has apparently engendered. The fact that people are throwing rocks at the pacifists seems newsworthy to me.
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