Okrzyki, przyjaciel! (chaircrusher) wrote,
Okrzyki, przyjaciel!

Election Eve Slide Show

Working, going out, canvassing in Centerville,Iowa.

It's fall in Iowa City, when the Gingko trees turn yellow, and they drop fruit on the ground that smells like cat shit the cat threw up on.

Went to the Detroit Underground show at Gabe's, and chatted a bit with dooriya. She doesn't really smoke.

Went to canvas Centerville. Went door to door in the lower-middle-class to poor south side. Didn't bring camera. On the way home went through Bloomfield, which has a cool-looking government building on the town square ...

... and a guy named Bruce who will sell you a sofa.

At dusk you get those cool color gradients in the sky.

Monday Lucas and I went to see The Good Life. Is it still Irony if the guy in the trucker hat is from Omaha?

This last weekend back to Centerville. Murky omens in the funny pages...

... and little fluffy clouds in the sky.

Centerville has a town square with a Gubmint building in the center too.

Breakfast at the Bluebird Cafe, which was bursting with Flare.

We sat at the "Tear Down This Wall" booth.

This is the home of an undecided voter:

This is the home of a Bush voter. He came to the door wearing insulated coveralls, and a definitely un-ironic meshback hat. He was skinny, had long hair in a ponytail, and a wispy goatee.

This is the home of a Kerry voter. There's an old tire and a car up on a homemade ramp in the yard.

This proves that both Rust, and Marketing, never sleep.

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