Okrzyki, przyjaciel! (chaircrusher) wrote,
Okrzyki, przyjaciel!

Southern Democratic Governors

So maybe I'm thinking about this too early but can you really think about this too early?

Let's take a look at the talent pool for the next Democratic nominee for president. The best place to look, based on which Democratic presidential candidates have actually been able to win, is in the pool of southern governors.

1. Kathleen Babineaux Blancoof Louisiana -- given the way the red state electorate is going all Jesus-Crazy, a good place to start with her is her Address to the Annual Session of the National Baptist Convention. She talks a good game -- if you go through her speeches she strikes the right tone.

2. Bob Holden -- Missouri is VERY red -- John Ashcroft ran for Senate there. He looks like a defecit hawk, he must be using to tip-toeing around the bible thumpers, because they're thick on the ground in Missouri.

3. Brad Henry of Oklahoma. Another very red state with a democratic governor. Looks like a nice enough fellow.

4. Phil Bredesen of Tennessee. He looks a bit old for a presidential run in 4 years, but Tennessee is in the bulls eye of the red states.

5. Mark Warner of Virginia. I'd disqualify him for being in an Eastern Seabord state, though hey who knows.

Michael Easley of North Carolina. Another east coast state, and the home of John Edwards. It will remain to be seen whether Edwards is going to be a viable candidate in 2008, and if he's running seriously I don't know if Easley would want to get into it.

7. Bob Wise of West Virginias. Pluses: Pun-fertile name. Minuses: West Virgina is a third world country that no one notices unless Robert Byrd starts fulminating about something. Also, lose the mustache.

Runner Up: Bill Richardson of New Mexico isn't from the 'real' south but he's got some charisma and brown-person street cred.
Second Runner Up: Tom Vilsack of Iowa. A decent governor, and a decent guy, who has some gravitas he can bring to bear. Liabilities -- not Southern at all. Assets -- no one has ever found any dirt on him, good public speaker.

Anyone know anything about any of these people?
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