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my brother on media and government

I can't say it any better so I'll just repeat it.
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Date: Sat, 12 Apr 2003 09:09:31 -0700
From: Steve Williams <sbw@sbw.org>
Subject: U.S. Media Coverage of War

Very quickly after the war started I began to believe strongly that the
U.S. media was purposely misrepresenting every aspect of the war. And it
has only gotten worse in the weeks since.

A really obvious example was the whole "American troops push into the
center of Baghdad" story last Saturday morning. Only a little later in the
day, BBC radio made it clear that it simply didn't happen. Apparently
American armored vehicles made a brief incursion on a circular course into
and out of one of the southwestern suburbs, but that's all.

Of course, they were in the center of Baghdad a day or two later, so why
sweat the small stuff, right?

But note this blog entry, which quotes a New York Times web site article,
and the click through to the article to see how it was subtly and silently
altered when the truth came out:


I'd love it if one of you would go to the library to find the early edition
of that day's Times and see whether the lie got printed.

Then there's the toppling of the Saddam statue, staged by the military
across the street from the hotel of the international press corps, where
the "dozens" of cheering Iraqis were expats flown in by the U.S. for the event:


And now we learn that CNN has been hiding the truth about Iraq for more
than a decade:


As for our chances of returning to a rational definition of freedom, I'm
finding it hard to find anybody who approves of the administration of the
war, even among people you'd think would. And while it's true San
Francisco is a bit out there, Mountain View is not San Francisco.

I dropped off the Audi at the shop Wednesday--a one-man shop run by a cool
ex-hippie Peter Fonda lookalike only a little older than me. When I got
there, he was angrily tearing the right front strut out of his own Audi
Quattro, with BBC radio blaring in the back of the shop. As we waited for
a few minutes for his ride to show up, he started bitching about the
administration and the press, getting more and more upset, throwing
wrenches and hammering on innocent bolts. I started to mention Mom's
determination to get dubya out of office, and he interrupted me to yell
about how Ashcroft and Rumsfield are pulling the strings.
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