Okrzyki, przyjaciel! (chaircrusher) wrote,
Okrzyki, przyjaciel!

everyone else posts their dreams so why not me

This was really messed up -- I went to bed very early last night -- lingering nasty cold bizness.

So then I have this long dream about trying to exorcise demons from a teenage kid, who when I think about it, looked a lot like Willis from Diff'rent Strokes. This was pretty frightening, like it felt like really fighting with the devil, and it seemed to go on forever. But then, I (apparently) cast the devil out! Yay for me. But it all took place in the lot outside a car repair shop, and after the exorcism I had to pull the gate shut and lock up. The Willis kid wouldn't stick around, so did I REALLY get rid of the devil or was he just waiting for his chance to take over again?

I hate these dreams -- I've had these spooky scary evil out to get me dreams since I was a small child, no doubt because of all the nutjobs who taught Mormon sunday school when I was little. They were full of really scary stories about the devil, exorcism, raising the dead etc. I honestly think that people should believe whatever they want to, but I really hate those people for the mindfucks they put on me when I was little.

Todd Bridges, aka Willis, with a young Janet Jackson.
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