Okrzyki, przyjaciel! (chaircrusher) wrote,
Okrzyki, przyjaciel!

(gil/gee funk): and i always thought kent was deep throat
(kent/trained.to.disassemble): asswipe
(gil/gee funk): JOKE
(kent/trained.to.disassemble): i was down with nixon. no way i'd harsh on his mellow by ratting him out
(gil/gee funk): seriously?
(kent/trained.to.disassemble): me and alexander haig were like this
(kent/trained.to.disassemble): what do you think gil
(gil/gee funk): well i was under the impressious that besides certain improprieties, he had skillz at international relations that everyone gave props to
(kent/trained.to.disassemble): the thing in retrospect about nixon is that he was a crook but he was our crook. george w bush makes nixon look like abraham effing lincoln
(kent/trained.to.disassemble): nixon was a lot like clinton -- he actually had a halfway decent idea of how to actually run a government, but he was sunk by personal weaknesses.
(kent/trained.to.disassemble): clinton liked getting his nuts hummed on by fat chicks and nixon was a paranoid depressive with no scruples.
(gil/gee funk): all i know about nixon is what i saw in the movie, and the pervasive idea from the 80s that nixon = liar
(kent/trained.to.disassemble): he got us out of vietnam, he came close to balancing the budget, he opened relations with china, and he introduced revenue sharing where the federal government funded state governments to do good things.
(kent/trained.to.disassemble): he was a thug, but on some level his dark twisted little heart was in the right place.
(gil/gee funk): nah, see sometimes, i feel that way about bush
(kent/trained.to.disassemble): i don't recommend thugs for president, but a smart thug does less harm than a dumb feckless rich boy who bases his decisions on a fantasy world divorced from the real one.
(kent/trained.to.disassemble): being a thug means being a pragmatist
(kent/trained.to.disassemble): and bush is an idealist
(kent/trained.to.disassemble): whose ideals are psychotic
(gil/gee funk): cheney and that other guy are the thugs, bush is the talking head.
(kent/trained.to.disassemble): he really believes you can bomb, kill, and maim people into democracy
(kent/trained.to.disassemble): don't let him off the hook gil
(kent/trained.to.disassemble): after all he was trained to disassemble too
(gil/gee funk): hehe. well if he's the talking head, then he's the one to blame
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