Okrzyki, przyjaciel! (chaircrusher) wrote,
Okrzyki, przyjaciel!

OK I'll say something about Rove/Plame

Not that there are many thoughtful, sincere Republicans* reading my LJ but I'll go ahead and ask:

Don't Republicans know that even if Rove is their ruthless bastard, he's still a ruthless bastard? Doesn't the Machievellian, cynical, mendacious, amoral way that Rove has driven his steamroller into Washington with Bush perched like Tiny Tim on his shoulder, make sincere Republicans queasy?

It should be crystal clear to any observer of any ideological stripe that there's nothing Rove won't say or do to further his cause. Push polls, whispering campaigns, scurrilous flyers, distortions only distinguished from outright lies by the finest of legalistic distinctions -- nothing short of capital crimes seems beyond Rove.

Isn't anyone else, chilled by Rove's assertion that Valerie Plame is "fair game?" This isn't pheasant hunting we're talking about -- this is the career and reputation of people who have honestly and honorably served the US government for many years, and Rove sees them as "fair game" for smear campaigns, and he is perfectly willing to promulgate lies and slander to further his cause.

Let's assume that there are many sincere folks out there that, for arguably good reasons, disagree with my whole progressive/pacifist/environmentalist rigamarole. Aren't they made at all uncomfortable by the tactics being employed by the champions of their viewpoints? Do they feel that the means Rove uses to pursue his program justify the ends?

*you might not know it, but I actually believe such people exist.
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