Okrzyki, przyjaciel! (chaircrusher) wrote,
Okrzyki, przyjaciel!

Peace Vigil Iowa City, Aug 17 2005

So, click on the picture see the whole set.

I went because when it comes to a peace movement, this is it. I oppose the war. So, even though I'm not sure Cindy Sheehan's thing down in Crawford is anything more than a stunt, I went. I was glad I did. A lot of people I know were there, and no wild-eyed radicals, unless I count as one. A lot of middle aged men and women with a smattering of young kids and college students. I'm already on record over and over again about how I feel about the War, and Bush, so I won't belabor the point again here.

I honestly don't know what I could be doing about Iraq. I'm part of the half of the country that Bush will never listen to. But people who don't think the war is a good thing should figure out how to make some noise.

Oh and here's one for moog55. I present your Arch-Nemesis: Dave Bradley of West Liberty Iowa, who distinguished himself at this Peace Vigil by singing -- badly off key -- "Give Peace A Chance." Yeah, Dave, give peace a chance and STFU.

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