Okrzyki, przyjaciel! (chaircrusher) wrote,
Okrzyki, przyjaciel!


So I was going to play live at this house party, but when I got there to help set up sound, the 'venue' is a one-car (barely) garage that is threatening to tip over. So I figured it would make more sense to DJ CDRs rather than try and work without a good place for my gear.

When I got back around sunset, there were actually people there, the sound system sounded fantastic, and they'd turned on the disco ball. It was actually brilliant -- there's something magic happens when the right group of people all seem to converge on a happy mood. It had been threatening all day to rain really hard -- tornados went by not ten miles away in the early evening -- but the rain never really came.

My set -- even with just the Denon 2000 to worry about, was not without it's technical difficulties. I think the cable between the controller and the decks was fuxored because every so often the display would be Hex gibberish, and the crossfader did this wonderful thing where it would refuse to mix out a track unless you banged it against the other side a couple of times. But for the first time in a really long time, everyone at the party really seemed into it.

In addition to my tracks, I'd burned off a CDR of optic's tracks, and had x09's new CD on force inc. optic's remixes of blue monday and 'more fun to compute' went down brilliantly, people started yelling and shit. The first track on x09's CD I put on to end my set, which was greeted with similar enthusiasm. Much thanks to them both! I especially appreciate the way optic makes tracks that are perfect for CD DJing.

The rest of the night was top as well -- before me Mike Jedlicka and Geoff Richards did a 4 table tag team mixing all sorts of things -- chill techno, downtempo, breakbeat, aphex twin, etc really, really smoothly. They had people dancing! They had test presses of the first twelve on their label Dick and Jane which are quite nice. Nick Francis -- who in addition to being a research scientist makes wicked experimental and downbeat tracks -- did a live PA I missed. I'd seen him thursday night at the Electronic Music Studio concert, where a big part of his set was live processing of the sounds dry ice makes when you push it down on a warm hotplate. Which is more effective than you might think at first -- it sounds like dolphins talking.

And after me, DJ Miche' and Dave Herbert tagged and played a surprising mix of things -- deep house, techno, electro that all hung together somehow. Then DJ Almost played drum and bass with a MC.

But the star of the whole show was just the people who were there -- it was one of those odd confluences where people who don't know each other just seem to feel loquacious and chill. You know it's a great party when everyone there is walking around with a shit-eating grin. And that crappy garage, packed with 25 people to the magical 'crowded but not too' point that makes a club work, was temporarily the most glamorous spot on earth. And if you went outside and across the road, you were on a river bank, with the moon out and clouds scudding across the sky.

All in all, a night that I will count as a peak party for a long time. And to top it off, a pretty girl flirted with me! My tail chasing days are long since over, but it's flattering when it happens nonetheless...
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