April 5th, 2002


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So I picked up David Talento and Bill Van Loo from the Moline airport last night. Had dinner with David & his cousin in Moline, waiting for Bill's plane. David's cousin George has worked for John Deere (the tractor/heavy machinery company) for years, and David had never been to Moline, so we started by going to John Deere's ... museum? Showroom? Giant tractors everywhere, with gigantic tires Armor-Alled to within an inch of their lives.

They have a looped video presentation that has only minimal reference to Tractors, but is a mystical celebration of The Farmer, working the Good Earth to Feed The Multitudes. Complete with Aaaron Copland-esque orchestral arrangements of the Doxology -- "Praise God For Whom All Blessings Flow...", the message seemed to be that JOHN DEERE: MAKING TRACTORS ON A MISSION FROM GOD.

Aside from the amazingly pampered tractor tires, the biggest impression made was of the amazing Rube Goldberg pulley-and-hydraulics machinery of the harvesters. There are an awful lot of farmers missing arms or with hooks for hands from working with these machines, and for some reason the raw danger of the things was on my mind. The midwest is full of stories of kids getting sucked into harvesters .... farming being one of the most dangerous occupations.

Anyway we picked up Bill Van Loo and came back to my house and played around with the Putney and an analogue delay. As soon as the Putney was patched up Bill pulled out his laptop to record it. Tim and Barry from Detroit had gotten in while we were in Moline and came over, and we tried to figure out who needed what equipment on stage tonight. It should be interesting. I will be jamming somehow with David on his set; I'm leaning towards taking a guitar, but there will be tables set up so I may do one of my abstract DJ things with spoken word and organ music ...

Links: Bill Van Loo http://www.chromedecay.org
David Talento http://www.helpwantedproductions.com