April 8th, 2002



What a difference a day makes -- on the one hand, hauling in all the sound, and having
to be the janitor afterwards, and having to rent the venue kind of sucks. On the other, the
venue is WAY WAY cooler, and the sound system all worked.

Musically I thought it was farking brilliant ...

Bob Falesch is an old hippie electronic musician
Bob's page
well, I don't know if he wants to be referred to that way, but when we asked him what he was going to play he said "academic wank" so "old hippie" isn't THAT perjorative.
Anyway his set was beatless, abstract and for me very involving. Unlike music that
one isn't familiar with, and therefore are unable to pick out the structure and intention, Bob's
stuff is abstract and unhinged from any normal 'musical' reference point, in a way that
takes away the map from the listener. Yet if you are open to it, it's very involving and

Bob Parr was a little more mainstream; he played bass and jp8000 live along with
prerecorded stuff on his laptop. Stylistically he was all over the place -- very polished sorts of breakbeat stuff, ending up with a trance track. Now I hate trance but this was obviously
well done, and far be it from me to ignore the trance constituency ... Bob was very nice and interesting to talk to, since he's a full on music industry pro. It was cool to me that he was interested in even doing this kind of event. His first pro gig was playing Bass for Cher, and he played bass for the Brian Setzer orchestra ... on the other hand he started doing dance remixes in freakin 1985 and has worked with Junior Vasquez.
Bob's Credits

Max Lord played some O-MY-FUCKIN-GAWD loud ass hardcore abstract stuff -- very noisy and angry, and without a steady beat. The people in the crowd who are into Venetian Snares and the like were going off! Brilliant work -- he should be on Planet Mu with this stuff ...
Max's site

Atomly is a true vet of the midwest scene, and played a bunch of very chill dubby techno tracks, and then kicked out the jams with some brilliant chaotic break-core tracks. Amazing ...

Rob Kleckner/Datacult did a set of really intense Merzbow-esque noise. The funny thing is that no one left! Rob is all about confrontation, and his set dared people to leave. This is Iowa City though, and people go for experimental noise like 14 year olds at their first Metallica show.

Earlier in the evening, there was an event billed as 'Off Off SEAMUS' -- a hilarious idea ...
anyway Billy and his buddy played as 'Shanghai to Video' and a performance group
called 'Spider Monkey' as well, and they came over afterwards to our show and set up.
Shanghai's set was cool -- billy's circuit bent speak-n-spell and Casio SK5 versus acoustic guitar. I had to leave to run people to the hotel and I came back in the middle of Spider Monkey, which seemed to entail noisy guitar, theremin, and a girl made up as a corpse banging the hell out of random pieces of pipe and sheet metal. People were digging it though.

Throughout the night I traded off with Bill Van Loo spinning records out of my record box. Bill is a really great DJ, and I'm an amateur, so it was fun for me to hear my record box sound like it should sound ;-)

Anyway by the end of the night I was dragging people out of the spot at 5:30 AM. All in all a brilliant night. Sunday was pretty dire -- I got to bed at 6:15 and got up at 8:30 to take Bob Parr to Cedar Rapids, came home, slept 45 minutes, drove Bill Van Loo to Moline for his flight, came home and slept an hour and went down and loaded out and cleaned the venue. I only vaguely remember the rest of the night but somewhere in there I took my son Sean to his violin group lesson, and burnt a pizza in the oven ...

Executive overview: the vibe was huge. Everyone was busting smiles all night long and I had to drag people out to lock up at 5:30 AM.
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