August 8th, 2002


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So I haven't really kept this up. Oh well. I stopped last time when the client froze and I lost a whole bunch of verbiage.

But my brother Ian's blog stirred up some intra-family controversy ... and he's been bugging me to keep mine up to date.

So: Uptodate: 1. I'm still unemployed. Someone give me a job. Preferably one where I write code, or words, though at this point I'm considering janitorial work. 2. I'm still promoting shows, against my better judgement -- i've done enough that I do as many (or more) than I really want to just by waiting for E-mail from people who want a date in Iowa City. 3. I still make tracks. 4. I still can't get this cheapie Epson C40UX printer to accurately print CDR labels. 5. I've been doing a lot of manual labor lately. 6. I'm still making tracks.

New -- I'm beta-testing Acid 4.0, which I'm not supposed to say anything about. What Sonic Foundry has said will suffice: Better MIDI, VST Instruments, ASIO driver support. It's going to be killer when they finish it. watch

I've been getting my wife's store's old building ready for sale which has been a LOT of work -- painting, cleaning, yard work, etc... having not done that sort of work for years and years every day feels like a workout....

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I know, into every life some weeding of parking lots must fall. It's good exercise I suppose -- bending over and yanking weeds, and then standing up gave me a headrush every time. I guess my blood pressure can't be too high eh..

When you do something that utterly mindless, it's easy for your mind to detach and go off
into the ozone. I started thinking about the economy and ecology of being a weedy parking lot. Or rather, of being a weed, versus,whatever else. Because really -- people are a lot like weeds. They get hatched out without being asked whether they're ready or want to be hatched, often into pretty precarious cirumstances. Sometimes they thrive, and sometimes they wither, but for the most part if you leave them alone they'll survive.

What about the human economy by analogy? Well, it seems like things are pretty paved over in America. There's a whole capitalist economy that is like a paved parking lot -- it's artificial, put there by main force where a load of people got along without it for a long time, and it displaces people. But like the parking lot at our old store building, it is subject to neglect, and in the cracks, things spring up.

I'm feeling more like a weed lately,being unemployed, scrambling to pay bills,etc --which reminds me I need to do some more of that when I'm done here. I guess since at this point no one really wants me in the paying corporate economy I'mgoing to have to find a crack no other weed has exploited yet...