February 23rd, 2003


a book review

I would post more but I'm busy with a new job I haven't figured out with and in general the things I'd care to comment on have already been commented on in spades by both the more and the less articulate.

Since the world uniquely sucks right now (I'm 45 so I have nearly 20 years on my lj friends with respect to judging world suckitude) let me talk about escapist liturature.

Since I hate synopsizing SCI FI,
this review will give you some idea what it's about.

What was especially interesting to me was the setting in Detroit. The classic lit-crit explanation of Sci Fi is that it comments on the real world by way of estrangement -- making strange. There's always some fun in reading a book where you recognize the setting, but this one not only invokes Detroit landmarks like the Fisher Building and the Renaissance Center, they're integral to the plot.

Thomas really nails the flavor of Detroit, and this story of corporate exploitation is an obvious 'estrangement' of Detroit's relationship with the auto industry. Plus it has lesbian love scenes with beautiful 4 armed mutant women, and a giant throbbing brain
at the top of the Fisher Building, where my friend Bill Van Loo works.

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