March 4th, 2003


On keeping one's knee from continuously jerking

William Rivers Pitt fulminates about the Military-Industrial Complex

So, I want to know if this guy is on the level, and where he goes in the weeds. He certainly brings up and makes more specific several things I've always suspected -- that the Bush family stood to profit handsomely from any war George W. decides to prosecute.

But I'm sure your average conservative pundit can laugh this stuff off. Well, why can they? Are they just ignoring facts that don't fit their world view, or are essays like this flawed on some factual or interpretive basis that isn't apparent to us Susan Sarandon Liberals?

While I'm on the subject -- there sure is a lot of passing references to Noam Chomsky in the popular media; all these people seem to imply that Chomky has somehow been thoroughly discredited in the eyes of people with 'serious' interest in politics. To hear them talking he's some pied piper for all the anti-corporate, pot smoking activists that make most anti-war demonstrations look like Phish concerts.

But does anyone have any links to a substantive critique of Chomsky that would support this point of view, that he's just some left-wing crank? Again, as a card carrying Ed Asner liberal, he sounds pretty right on to me.