March 26th, 2003


calling all photo restorers

This is my wife Melissas favorite picture of herself when she was little. Anyone
want to take a crack at restoring it? If you click on the picture you'll get the
nearly uncompressed original at nearl6 8 megabytes.

For those of you who care about these things, this was shot by a guy named Bob Burroughs circa 1961...
Bob was the editor of the Belle Plain newspaper, and lived next door to Melissa's family. I don't know
if he used a 35 MM or a standard newspaperman's Speed Graphic Twin Lense Reflex, but I do know that
he developed and printed it himself. The original is still a beautiful black and white photograph even
with the tears and crease.

Oh and that's chocolate on her face. Bob's wife used to give her candy when she came round; apparently she came around a lot once she'd figured that out.


Bill Clinton, Rock Star

Went to see Bill Clinton speak at the University of Iowa. He gives a good speech, which I can sum up in a few words: we need to make more friends abroad and fewer enemies and we can do that by helping them, and cooperating with them.

I didn't agree with everything he said, necessarily, but it was interesting to see him speak and get a taste of the famous charisma. I felt the same seeing Jesse Jackson -- apparently being a charming, magnetic speaker doesn't mean you're necessarily a good person. I think Clinton is less fundamentally flawed than Jackson; Jesse is just plain nutso, and squanders his prodigous talents by doing shady shit.

By contrast, it's really too bad for George W. Bush that being an inarticulate dull normal doesn't give you any innate virtue.

One thing he said vis a vis the US: "Sometimes setting a good example is more powerful than a country's military might."