June 21st, 2003


random digital wanking

Sometimes computers rock.

This is a Reaktor4 ensemble called 'blackdirt' which uses granular resynthesis
samplers in an obscure way whereby the only meaningful control is one button,
marked 'morph'. 'Morph' starts it randomly changing all the sound parameters at once on everything over the course of several seconds.

I loaded what was at hand, some latin piano and sax samples. This is an unedited 4 minutes or so of screwing around. I think it sounds pretty cool, but I can't claim any authorial intent. The fact that it's as 'good' as
a lot of experimental music that comes with a lot more pretension means I guess that you shouldn't take those people very seriously.

If anyone cares, I also used the grainstates II Reaktor effect for the delay-ish stuff, and a bit of promix reverb.