July 20th, 2003


Mike Huckaby 07/19/2003

It's been quite some time since I've been out for a whole evening of dance music, and this time I remembered to bring my earplugs, and it really changes how I perceive the music. I think I've retained most of my hearing -- remarkable given the 200+ shows I've been to in the past 5 years -- but I've acquired some hypersensitivity to loud noise. Or rather, my ears quite sensibly have decided to hurt me back if I subject them to more than a few minutes of 130 dB music.

Anyway, Mike Huckaby, Dave Herbert, and Tom Gustavson played. Tom and Dave are both really fucking good DJs -- and roommates, so their styles are similar. They both have wide ranging tastes and the skills to pull different styles together, which makes them perfect DJs for me. They played good sets, that we got down on minidisc -- interested to hear how they turned out. I managed to stay off the microphone, always a good thing.

Mike Huckaby is one of the past masters of the hard, banging techno set, and he brought it Saturday night. He's locally famous for a set he played here at a big party 3 or 4 years ago -- remember big parties? But really good, agressive, banging minimal techno has been pretty thin on the ground here lately, and he and the 100 or so people that came out were really going for it. The end of his set veered away from the bangin stuff into old, old Chicago Acid House -- Ron Hardy and other good ol 909 + 303 stuff. To a great extent that sort of raw, primal sound is what brought me to techno in the first place, and it's great to hear it played out again.

I wonder if the fact that these records were made in the 80s, when they were crucial and groundbreaking makes them sound somehow more authentic and relevant than something very similar made by some kid with Rebirth and a laptop?

A fine time was had by all, though there was some sort of crazy incident in the parking lot out back with a fist fight and someone very drunk playing bumper cars in the parking lot. I left a few minutes before this, when there seemed to be an argument going on over where on the wall of the psychiatrist's office they should piss. Apparently this escalated to fisticuffs and fender dents, but I missed out.