July 28th, 2003


New Track


This is me adding some stuff to a live improvisation with a reaktor ensemble called "ginger" by Martin Brinkmann.

It employs

1. The original 'ginger' wankoriffic.
2. Live noodling with Virsyn Cube -- a randomized patch I tweaked a bit.
3. Reaktor playing drum samples through a variety of effects. Live tweaking
on the fx with the oxygen8.
4. Some low key boom-chick drums from Attack to try and keep a steady pulse.

Pretty much all the sounds went thru compression -- the Virsyn and Ginger tracks with Cubase SX dynamics plugin, the Reaktor stuff through my homebrew compressor and the Reaktor limiter. Consequently there wasn't much left up to mastering -- the RMS level of the track was around -13.5/-15 dB so all it got before encoding was limiting/normalizing.

No EQ on anything.

One thing I'm trying to do with this, that I think I'll try and pursue for a while, is to get away from totally loopy stuff, spend more time recording random screwing around with different instruments and then trying to put something together out of it. I'm getting tired of stuff that's loopy, and frankly I'm tired of all the tricks that people use with electronic music, because so much of each genre is just elaborating on a small bag of tricks. Like I'm reviewing the new Lexaunculpt CD, and I'm sure if I'd never heard anything like it before, I'd probably think it was great, but when I listen to it I think 'fine, some Autechre skittery percussion, circa 2001, check', and 'slightly messed up sample of Pachabel's Canon, Future Sound of London 1996, check' and beyond that there's not much there other than the willingness to sit alone with a Powerbook and make little rhythmic jigsaw puzzles.

So my idea is to try stuff I've never done before, try and play more stuff on instruments or live patches, edit when necessary but leave some of the messiness in, and not worry about genre. If anyone likes my stuff to pay anything more than passing attention anyway they'll find a place to pigeon-hole me...
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