August 15th, 2003


good ol vinyl

My brother-in-law gave us his turntable and two crates of albums, none newer than 1990. So while I was writing something for grooves magazine I've been working through the crates. He had the Evelyn King LP with "Get Loose", the one Jermaine Stewart record, a load of stuff like Jodeci, and EVERY record by the Jets. The Jets lived over my uncle's garage for a while in the early 90s but that's a story for another day ...

One thing I noticed as I was going along is that getting up every 20-odd minutes to change a record is a completely different listening experience than listening to CDs. I grew up doing that, or (eek) stacking a bunch of records on a changer, but there's something about that 20 minute rhythm that seems somehow more natural than the 70 minutes between CDs. In fact there are a lot of 74 minute CDs I own that I never make it all the way through; if you cut them down to the best 40 minutes of tracks they'd be so much stronger. The CD is what gave hip hop guys an excuse to put in all those stupid skits that are funny the first time you hear them -- maybe.

Anyway, I'm really digging this Midnight Starr LP. I think I have all of them -- from the Goodwills no less -- and I think they make most of the neo-electro coming out now strictly optional. Banging 808s, vocoders and darn good pop songs.
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