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Okrzyki, przyjaciel!

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August 24th, 2003

Thank You [Aug. 24th, 2003|11:37 pm]
Okrzyki, przyjaciel!
1. Guest-hosted my brother Ian's blog http://www.xtcian.com

2. Thought a lot about Wesley Willis this weekend. Talked to him a bunch of times in Iowa City. He was a sweet, gentle, truly weird soul. Last time I talked to him he was pretty quiet and not nearly as random as he usually was, so I butted HIS head. He bust a huge grin and told me to "rock on."

3. Saw Radiohead at Alpine Valley. I'm spoiled by all of the great shows I've seen in small venues, and being shoulder to shoulder with 25,000 dangerously hip 20-somethings set my teeth on edge. But by the third song I'd caught a vibe, and really enjoyed it. They stick pretty close to the recorded arrangements of their songs live, but they're such great songs, simply playing them well is plenty good enough for me.

4. Didn't take my camera into the show -- didn't feel like trying to sneak it in and worry about it in that giant mob. Other pictures at http://www.psychiatry.uiowa.edu/~kent/lj_images/pics082403 -- including our visit to Ronald Reagan's Boyhood Home in Dixon IL.

5. This latest virus is a right bitch. Friday night I was getting about 20 virus e-mails an hour. Not only that, some frickin moran sysadmins have set up their systems to send you an e-mail if they get mail from you with a virus. The catch is, they send the e-mail to the forged TO: address instead of the real sender. So in addition to the direct virus mails I got dozens of stupid e-mail's saying I sent someone a virus. Even though I only read E-mail in Pine.

To make matters worse, I've gotten a bazillion of those Africa-money-scam e-mails at the same time.

And precious few e-mails from anyone I actually WANT to hear from.
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