September 9th, 2003


Lucas steps out

Lucas and I lash up a track

There's always guitar coming through the door in Lucas' room. I heard something cool and had him drag his amp downstairs and play.

This is just a sketch -- it's pretty samey right now. I'd like to add some more guitars, vary the percussion, clean up the bassline. The guitar and bass were both recorded through Lucas' new Peavey tube amp, through a $99 PPA-1 condenser mic and an Art Tube MP. Lucas was playing his Telecaster through a Proco Rat and an Alesis Quadraverb Plus. The bass is Lucas' Lotus (Fender Precision knockoff) straight into the Peavey with all the treble turned down. Drum loops are pretty much as I stole 'em, and there's a weird percussion thingie that's a Virsyn Cube preset. There's a touch of EQ on everything, and some Waves Reverb and Flange but the guitar sound is pretty much as it was played.