September 27th, 2003



I'm in Iowa, so I get as much spam from Democratic candidates as I do e-mail from former African government officials who want to transfer $30 million into my bank account. I should collect them and share sometime, because they're often unintentionally funny and pathetic, but life is too effing short. Let someone else do it.

I even got polled the other day. They asked me who I supported for the Iowa Caucuses. I said first choice Wesley Clark, second choice Howard Dean. I didn't even really have an opinion before they asked me so it was a total gut response. Why?

I don't care if Wesley Clark has my Dream Platform. I think he can beat Bush. End of Story. The Bush administration parallels some significant upheaveals in my personal life -- nice being laid off in the middle of the Bush Recovery, believe you me. The shit Bush does has made the past 2 1/2 years seem like he's been repeatedly slamming a car door on my hands the whole time. Bastid gots to go.

I'll vote for whomever the Democrats nominate, but Wesley Clark has a fighting chance at motivating the namby-pamby middle that will decide the next election. The way things are going Carol Mosely Braun could beat Bush next year, but I don't think we should take any chances.

And yes I've had a few drinks.