October 11th, 2003


Greg Egan

Authors like William Gibson, Bruce Sterling, and Neil Stephenson have achieved a certain chic among hipsters who wouldn't be caught dead reading science fiction in general. This is partly because Cyberpunk arose as personal computers and the Internet became mass pheonmena. It can be argued that Gibson's early writing sparked the imagination of early adopters, and gave the Internet and the Web a binding metaphor. The very engineers designing and implementing the current global information infrastructure, all Sci-Fi nerds nearly to a man (or woman) were very consciously trying to build the Metaverse described by Gibson.
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JB Lenoir

A stalled project I have is encoding the JB Lenoir album John Mayall compiled -- long out of print. But as a teaser:

Down In Mississippi

This song proves 2 things -- 1) JB was one of the great voices of Chicago Blues 2) It is possible to do Blues in ways that is true to the tradition, but without the cliches of
the genre.