October 23rd, 2003


Luke Vibert, YosepH

New album from Luke Vibert, aka Wagon Christ, aka a bunch of other monikers.

Vibert's always been one of the least pretentious and most musical of the Warp artists. This CD proves it yet again, with the added benefit of rehabilitating the sound of the Roland TB-303. Vibert is an inventive and subtle programmer of the 303, and washes the sound of a million crappy Rebirth tunes right out of your head.

The whole Warp/Rephlex crew are at their best in my opinion when they're the most nostalgiac for the early 90s rave music, and this album captures that feeling perfectly while still remaining forward looking and modern.

This comes on the heels of the Amen Andrews releases, in which Vibert makes the same nostalgic early-90s move, but focuses on Amen-based ragga jungle. I can't listen to all of Amen Andrews the way I can YosepH though -- Amen Andrews would be better for dropping the occasional track in the set.