November 1st, 2003


meltdown halloween party

i don't know all the details on who brought this about, but man the party last night was incredibly sweet.

I kinda sorta knew where it was so I tried riding out there. I didn't see it -- actually drove right past, so I headed downtown and resolved to follow the shuttle bus out. There were a load of people waiting to go out -- this is about 12:30 AM -- I saw some folks I knew and packed them into my van, and we followed the shuttle out.

The venue looks completely anoymous -- aluminum siding, like a farmers out-building. But when you get inside it's a high ceilinged brick room that could hold 250 people comfortably. There were event-specific paintings on the wall in lurid red and dayglow. They had a bunch of sound, a keg and water for free. The core extended family of old schoolers were all there -- Vince Woolums, Michelle Higley, Natalia and Jeremy Gamm were playing, which is the nucleus of my circle of ravey friend. But beyond my usual circle there were about 100 people I didn't know, and a few people who I've not seen in years.

It had a great vibe, more of an artist/writer/musician/clued-up raver mix than hardcore drinkers or candy kids. When Michelle played old chestnuts like 'Blackout' 'Sandwiches' 'Good Life' and ending up with 'Never Say Never' by Romeo Void, all of us oldies were down front yelling. Maybe it's corny, but this was a taste of what brought me to the music in the first place.

I had to leave -- all too soon, but I had to be up in the morning, but it looked like it was going to be great all night long. We're all hoping they do more events out there as time goes by; we'll have to see how the guy who is renting the space (it's normally a photographer's studio) feels about it. But it's the sort of place where local party legends could start.