November 12th, 2003


Why we're in deep shit

The longer the Bush Administration goes on, the more I seek some sort of relief from the nightmare of history from ANY quarter. The Democratic candidates for President sure aren't supplying it, the total hegemony the Republican Party now holds over the country shows no sign of weakening.

I'm not just being a knee jerk liberal here; I'm seriously looking for any indication that power in the USA isn't controlled on all sides by a bunch of doctrinaire nutjobs. At this point I would welcome even some sort of reasonable voice to come from a Republican. But aside from the occasional measured statements from my own Congressman Jim Leach* nothing of the sort is forthcoming.

What really set me off this morning is this transcript of the White House Press briefing:

In which members of the press, remarkably, seem to be doing nothing more than baiting Scott McClellan, and McClellan, at every turn simply repeats canned Administration rhetoric, actively avoiding saying anything useful. Press briefings, one would hope (and maybe I'm too idealistic here) should be occasions to answer questions and inform the public. Instead we have the spectacle of belligerent reporters trying in vain to goad the Press Secretary into making any sort of recognizable human noise, and the Press Secretary sounding like one of those stuffed animals full of canned phrases that he spouts when you push his buttons.

It all makes me want to vomit, the whole lot of them.

*Jim Leach, the man who, due to redistricting, is a moderate Republican in a mostly Democratic district. The man who voted against (and spoke against) the resolution to grant Bush authority to invade Iraq. Nice, that, but Leach always votes with the Republican majority when his vote is needed to further the Republican leadership's plan. I'd like to like Leach more, because he talks a good game, but I feel like he's mostly pulling my chain with his 'moderate' stance.

He's also the guy who kept the investigation into Clinton's involvement with shady banking practices in Arkansas, long after it was clear that A) Arkansas banks are shady and B) Clinton had no actionable culpability in said shadiness.

Wearing a moth-eaten sweater vest and talking like a poli-sci professor only goes so far with me; at a certain point he's going to have to exercise some intellectual independence when it actually matters.