November 17th, 2003


One Heck Of A Raver!

Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2003 18:11:26 -0600
From: Stevo H <>
To: .... long list of random e-mail addresses including mine ...
Subject: Re: [ia-raves] OAKENFOLD IN CLEAVELAND


Paul will be spinning in Ohio and I have no way to get there. Its on
Friday the 21st from 8pm to 8am. Im in Marshalltown and I was
wondreing if any one was going, if so e-mail me. Im more then
willing to pay for part of the gas and lodging, if lodging is
needed. Can some one help me out here PLZZZZZ. This is a 19 and over
show just to let yah know. If your goin I'd love to catch a ride and
if you arnt but are interested I can give yah all the details. Id
like if it was someone from m-town but Im willing to make new
friends. Just e-mail me.
P.S. Im one hell of a raver, just to let yah know.


I didn't go see my favorite angry socialist dwarf when he spoke here again over the weekend, but they had an interesting picture in the student newspaper:

Check this shit out, though. Would a candidate in their right mind appear on the same stage with this poster?

It looks like one of those Andre the Giant posters. DENNIS KUCINICH HAS A POSSE.