November 18th, 2003


Linux and Music apps

I found one thing that might make having a Linux box at home worth while -- the LADSPA plugins -- some more 'out there' academic plugins to play with. And there's Sweep which has a great interactive scrubbing feature. And then there's soundtracker which is a nice tracker program. Given all the time and money I've spent on other things like Cubase and Acid etc, it might seem absurd but I like the idea of working with stuff that's simple enough to figure out in a few minutes, and different enough from what I'm used to using to surprise me.

And all that crap's free, as is PD which is similar to Max. You can surely make electronic music completely with free software if that's your goal. The caveat is you have to figure out some things by yourself. So you have to be willing to roll your own.

I'm kind of on the fence about this, given the limited time I have to produce music. I think the Linux music software scene has a lot worth diving into, but I have enough different ways to make noise already to keep me busy forever. Maybe it would make more sense to wait a year or two and see what develops that's more 'plug and play' and less 'download, track down lib dependencies, compile, install, scratch head.'

There are beginning to exist more or less turnkey Linux distribution with everything audio-wise already built, installed and configured. That'd be one way to go...