November 21st, 2003


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I started walking to work, which from my front door to my office is about 50 minutes. I'm doing this ostensibly for fitness -- I'm too out of shape for anything more strenuous. Being that I'm trying to get exercise I catch myself constantly scanning for shortcuts, which rather defeats the purpose. But it's not a bad way to begin the day. As things get colder, spending an hour outdoors every day helps you to not feel so cold all the time in the winter.

You also discover a hidden network of pedestrian paths. I can go almost as the crow flies to the hospital, much more directly than is possible in a car or bite. There's even a pedestrian bridge way off the nearest street, that goes over a thoroughfare about 50 feet up. I'll take some pictures along the way and put them up, which will probably bore the fuck out of most people, but it's interesting to me.

I like the walkway down by the river. Through town, the river goes through a narrow strip of park that starts at the interestate and runs almost 3 miles before you hit the University power station.