December 5th, 2003


Margaret Cho

I hadn't read any of Margaret Cho's blog before, and reading large chunks of it points out her shortcomings:

1. I don't get her use of Ebonics. I like the language of black folks -- it's expressive, flexible and poetic. But let's leave it to black folks to speak it mmKay? I'm as guilty as the next wanna-be-clued-up-whitey of dropping the occasional hip-hop-ism into casual convo, but when Cho does it, she keeps doing it until it makes me uncomfortable.

2. When she writes, she writes A LOT. She must be a fast typist. For a comedian she sure doesn't seem to know that brevity is the soul of wit.

3. She's occasionally really wickedly funny, like her Ann Coulter piece, in which she makes up a hyphenated word that takes up a whole line by itself 'never-had-any-shit-come-down-on-them-like-a-hard-rain-so-why-should-they-care-about-anyone-but-themselves'

So if you haven't, check her out, but be warned that she's best in small doses.

Amazing Ann Coulter

If Ann Coulter didn't exist, liberals would have to invent her. In Her most recent column (December 3, 2003)* She compares abortion to the Holocaust, the Supreme Court to Nambla, and calls Sandra Day O'Connor "Ronald Reagan's Biggest Mistake." Every one of her columns has 2 or 3 completely indefensible howlers like that. She lives in Bizarro World.

*her website doesn't give you a way to link to her current column, so if you don't click through to a column titled " Supreme Court Opinions Not Private Enough", go looking for it in her archive.