December 31st, 2003



I'll try to sum up the relevant events:

1. Worked full time @ the U of Iowa. I don't hate it, but it's not my dream job. My dream job is to not have to work for a living.
2. Dug out of the financial hole brought about by being unemployed most of 2002
3. Sean graduated from high school. Lucas entered high school.
4. Melissa had major surgery with 6 week recovery time.
5. Raised new dog from insane puppy to insane juvenile.
6. Made a few tracks, not as many as I like.
7. World situation seems like it's the worst it's ever been, made even worse by certain parties actively fucking things up.
8. Melissa & I quit smoking.
9. Did as little as possible with respect to promoting shows.

So personally it was a pretty good year. I try not to think any more than I have to about the rest of the planet. I'm more pessimistic about human affairs than I've ever been before in my life.