January 3rd, 2004



Terrence Parker came to town to play New Years Eve, and a deliriously good time was had by all. If anyone has hesitated to book him because of his professed Christianity, I'd have to say he played one of the top house sets I've EVER heard, and I've seen a lot of the top House DJs play. It was the best set I've heard him play -- he manages to do some amazing DMC-style scratch tricks in a way that's completely musical. He does play a lot of Gospel House, but he finds the good stuff -- all you godless House DJs are sleeping on some amazing tracks.

Anyway Some Pictures. And no, I wasn't obsessing on Africa -- she's a friend and we discussed taking a bunch of pics because she doesn't have any current ones. She is quite beautiful, though frankly I think she's even prettier without the club-kid makeup.

This may be the best picture I've ever taken of someone, though:

I like this one too, for it's accidental composition: