January 6th, 2004


Good ol Angry Bovine Swiss-Cheese-Brain Disease with Fries!

You know, I think Bush gets away with a lot of things a less ambitiously awful president would not, because he is so comprehensive in his heinousness that his critics give up out of exhaustion.

Anyway, you know that woman from the government who you've seen on CNN trying to reassure you about eating beef? According to the guy who wrote "Fast Food Nation", her job before the USDA was as director of Public Relations for the National Cattlemen's Beef Association. And it's not just Alisa Harrison -- all throughout the Executive Branch, Dubya has hired people to regulate industries who came from jobs in those very industries.
This Fox in the Henhouse theory of executive recruitment would be laughable, if it wasn't pervasive. It just fits with Bush's Up-Is-Down, Lies-Are-Truth ideology.

Anyway, I've been avoiding beef since Christmas. I'm not even afraid of Mad Cow Disease, but I don't want to reward an industry that has consistently valued profit over human health any more.