January 17th, 2004



angryrobot taunts me by saying that Dennis Kucinich is "my man."
According to http://www.presidentmatch.com/ the candidates that most closely match my views are, in order:

1. Kucinich 2. Sharpton 3. Gephardt 4. Kerry 5. Dean 6. Clark 7. Edwards 8. Lieberman

I'm caucusing for Edwards, so I guess crappy-ass AOL polls don't know shit. Or rather, one's stance on issues issues isn't and shouldn't be one's only consideration. I care a lot about electability, as do most Iowans. If Iowa Democrats were just voting their positions on issues, Kucinich would be one of the top candidates, and Sharpton might have a chance.

Unfortunately for them, they have high negatives. Kucinich looks like 'guy most likely to accessorize with tinfoil brain shield,' and Al Sharpton doesn't inspire trust*

*and no it's not a race thing. Iowans would probably vote in droves for the first black guy to come along who looked presidential. Al Sharpton is a storefront preacher from Harlem, which may give him some moral authority, but that doesn't prepare him for running a giant bureaucracy.


In the past few days I've

1)Received a hand written letter from a Dean supporter in Washington urging me to vote for dean.*
2)Got a phone call from Hawaii by someone who was supporting Kucinich.
3)Got polled by what I suspect is the Zogby organization
4)Erased 5 or 6 recorded messages from various somebodies exhorting me to support somebody.
5)Got a call from the Dean precinct captain to make sure I was going to the caucus.
6)Received USMail from the Gephardt, Dean, and Kerry campaign.
7)Received 15 or 20 messages from various campaigns, which Spambouncer helpfully throws into my spam folder. My favorites are the more-than-one-a-day from the Lieberman campaign, all of which have a triumphal "WE GOT 'EM RIGHT WHERE WE WANT 'EM" tone that makes me want some of what they're smoking.

I feel so fucking special.

*I originally wrote 'vote for dead.'

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Apparently Janeane Garafalo and Joan Jett are campaigning in Des Moines for Dean.


Students for Bush try and invade the Joan/Janeane rally, and Dean supporters 'kicked their asses' -- whatever that means.

As near as I can tell the Dean campaign has turned into a sort of non-stop Grateful Dead concert, only with worse drugs, and worse music. It's a Children's Crusade, and we know what happened to the original child crusaders...