January 23rd, 2004


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The Lower, Lower East Side?

I guess I'll be in NYC for my brother Sean's wedding in May -- well the wedding is out on Long Island ... but I miss it, having not really spent any time there since March 2002. But this article reminded me of how trendy the city is. Neighborhoods have risen and fallen in popularity since I was last around. The area this guy is talking about I remember as being a kind of dingy, vacant neighborhood uptown from Canal Street and Chinatown.

I actually can sorta claim some cool points for going to Milk & Honey, but really that was Tara S's thing -- I can only imagine what they thought when I showed up, a big lunk from the provinces.

The point I guess of this entry is that the above article really encapsulates the unique way New York City works -- the reporter hesitant to talk his neighborhood up because it's kinda cool, but writing the article anyway, knowing that the hordes from Far Rockaway and Teaneck will be on the next train in.

That's one thing about Iowa. We'll never really be fashionable, and the few people that do get off I80 and find out the cool things here don't ever seem to bring any hordes down on us. We're too far, we're too small, and it's too effing cold in the winter. Iowa City was Alan Ginsberg's favorite place between the coasts, and the DJs of Detroit are all dying to play here because of the unique flavor of the local scene ... but even though I do like sharing my town with people from elsewhere, I'm glad it will never be a trendy destination.