January 30th, 2004


Effing cold

This is one of those weeks when the Weather here is laughable. It was -8f when I took Lucas to school. It's -4f outside, with a projected high of 0f. Windchill of -22f.
And yeah, I know NYC got it bad last week, and that some of my friends are in Minneapolis and Detroit. But a *HIGH* of zero is some bad juju.

I wasn't that uncomfortable coming in, but I was wearing the Giant Carhart Coat, which is uncomfortably warm at any temperature above about 15f. And long underwear, and a fleece scarf, and a fleece hat.

Below zero different rules of physics seem to apply. No amount of salt will melt snow; luckily it's been so cold that nothing has melted, so there's no ice from the melting/refreezing cycle. Walking the dogs for 15 minutes means my mustache gets caked with ice. It's not quite cold enough for the more outlandish displays, like throwing a cup of water in the air and watching it turn to snow, or having your nose hairs freeze up.

Luckily, extreme cold is kind of like extreme heat -- it's extremity means steep temperature gradients in the atmosphere, which keep it from lasting very long, since the atmosphere is a fluid.