February 4th, 2004


Washington Caucus?

I know a couple of people from Seattle read my LJ, so here's my plea: Go to your caucus, and vote for Edwards. I truly think he's the best candidate left in the race, both for his positions on the issues and electability. He and Kerry don't differ much on the issues, and Kerry currently has the herd momentum going for him, but the more you see Edwards in action the more John Kerry looks like Eeyore.

I'll vote for Kerry if it comes to that but I'm not sure I can endure the stentorian foghorn honk of his voice for 4 (or 8 years). He has the most irritating voice in politics since Margeret Thatcher. And his current populist stance fits him about as well as a thrift store leisure suit. Who does Mr. Heinz Fortune think he's kidding?

As optic has said many times, Bush is vulnerable just on the bald facts of his presidency, yet rarely does Kerry or the other Democrats really attack him on that basis. They use the same tired liberal rants about Bush that are about as substantive as what you'd hear from a stoned WTO protestor on his way to a Phish concert. Just because they only show soundbites on the TV News doesn't mean you have to speak in them! Many people still read!

So if you give my opinions any weight (yeah right) think about Edwards, make Dean go away, and whatever you do, don't encourage Kerry. Sure he'll probably get the nomination, but the longer the primary race goes on, the longer the Democrats stay in the spotlight, which I think is a good thing.