February 6th, 2004


NBC even more craven than usual.

... in blurring a 2 second shot last night of an elderly hatian woman's breast. I know I've been writing a lot of entries about breasts but ... it's not breasts, it's the way the media, politicians, and all the fucktards who were offended by the Super Bowl halftime show.

There was a good reason to be offended by the Superbowl half-time show -- which I didn't see, btw -- it was full of lame performances by dumb commercial hacks.

But the ER episode ... if they hadn't blurred it, most people wouldn't have noticed it, because what the scene was about was an old woman in the process of dying because of the lack of health care. I worked for a year in an intensive care ward of this hospital, and part of my job was participating in Codes, marking the EKG tape with times as part of the records that would be examined at post-mortem revviews. They were for me pretty scary, emotional experiences -- someone dies while you watch. And the person in question doesn't have clothes on.

In that job I helped wrap up the naked bodies of people who had just died, put them on a gurney and take them to the autopsy suite. I didn't react with sadness, or revulsion -- a precondition of working in the ICU is a certain detachment that you either have or you don't. What I felt was more a sort of awe, and respect, I suppose. It was customary (for no reason I ever discovered) to remove the pad from a gurney used to transfer a corpse, which always seemed like a final cruelty to me.

To equate that experience with titillation is shameful and obscene.