February 12th, 2004



I was reading an article in Tape Op last night late, and one of the guys they were interviewing was talking about how you adjust to the quirks of a studio's sound over time, and stop hearing them.

He made the analogy that your mind filters out all sorts of stimuli, for example, the feeling of your socks on your feet.

So, of course, this morning, I seem to be continuously aware of the cushiony goodness of my socks on my feet. And now, so will you!

So treat yourself right -- wear the comfy socks.

The President & His National Guard Service

I've refrained from posting about politics at any length lately. The main reason is that my 'readership' such as it is, either mostly agrees with my positions on things, with a possible few exceptions, and I don't think it really does much good to preach to the choir. On the whole, I'd rather talk about boobs.

Mmmmm boobs ...

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Whoa WTF

From Drudge Report:
Democratic presidential frontrunner John Kerry is planning a response to a DRUDGE REPORT exclusive which first revealed the frantic behind-the-scenes drama surrounding a woman who recently fled the country, reportedly at the prodding of Kerry!

The nature and details of a claimed two-year relationship, beginning in the Spring of 2001, between a young woman and Kerry is at the center of serious investigations at several media outlets.

After being approached by a top news producer, the woman fled to Africa, where she remains, the DRUDGE REPORT can reveal.

I would normally not get too excited about anything from Drudge, but my son Sean (seanasdf) called me and he's been trolling tomorrows foreign papers, and this is being taken seriously by 'reputable' news organizations.

This might explain why Dean has kept in the race way past the time when he should have dropped out. Though ultimately, I think Edwards is at this point a more credible alternative.

Hoo boy! "Monkey Business" all over again.