February 20th, 2004


deep thought for the day

The expression "spit in the ocean" means to do or say something which is bound to be overwhelmed into insignifance by the context in which it is said or done.

The Internet is an ocean in which we're all spitting. In fact, it's an ocean of spit.

San Francisco

So today I'm waiting for compiles to get done, and looking at a slideshow on Yahoo news about the gay marriages taking place in San Francisco. Partly because my sister-in-law flew out there with friends from north carolina to be the witness at their wedding. Partly because, well, like any varied group of human beings, relentlessly photographed, are occasionally funny looking.

Yes, I was trolling for funny looking Lesbians. I'm not proud of it.

But then, after flipping through something like 200 something else overcame me, looking at all those faces and the joy written in them I was awed. Anything that can make this many people happy can't be wrong.

This is a big deal. This last week is like Stonewall. Hell this is like the Boston Tea Party of Gay. Many of the people from out of state who flew in for marriage licenses are going home and they'll file suit if their home state doesn't recognize the license and the marriage. They'll win some, they'll lose some, but there's no way, once a few states give in, that the rest won't eventually follow.

The whole principle of reciprocal regonition of marriage licenses is on the line, and eventually the Supreme Court will have to settle it. Like the sodomy opinion last year, I don't think they'll have any choice but to side with gay marriage on grounds of equal protection. And there's little chance that a constitutional amendment will get very far; even the folks in Congress are going to be leery of putting in an amendment curtailing a basic human right on any grounds.

So remember this last week. This was some history.

I sure liked all the women wearing veils, sometimes with wifebeaters, jeans and docs. That's a great look.