March 3rd, 2004



Well it's all over except the weeping. Edwards gave it his best shot, and came out looking pretty good for VP or whatever. Kerry seems to have started simulating normal human speech on the stump so that's an improvement.

Once again though what strikes me is that the entire field of Democratic candidates were really pretty decent candidates. None of them, even Al Sharpton, reflects poorly on the Democratic party. As Dubya would say, there are those who would disagree with me, but there's no way they'd ever like anyone as a Democratic candidate, unless of course they were an unelectable punching bag.

I don't know who decides these things, but I don't think it would hurt for the also rans to keep campaigning, on behalf of Kerry. Each of the candidates has their own constituency that they can motivate, and there's no reason they can't keep motivating them all the way to november. Dean sank himself, albeit with the press and the other campaigns bailing water into his boat. But he is sincere, energetic, decent, and smart. Gephardt ran a horrible campaign but he's been stalwart in Congress for many years for democratic issues. Kucinich is a little weird around the edges, but he, more than any of the other candidates, best represents the core values of the Democratic Party. Lieberman seemed like he was running for undertaker in chief, but again, here is a guy that has served the country well in the Senate. Though I'd like to see Al Sharpton succeed at managing a 7/11 for a while before I'd really consider him presidential timber, there's no denying his eloquence.

The only one that I draw a complete blank on is Carol Mosely Braun. She does have a fabulous smile though!