March 6th, 2004


Creative spamming

Random quotes from Mark Twain, John Naisbit, author of Megatrends, and Televangelist Robert Schuller.
I know they're just pulling quotes out of a text file with perl to generate the mail but still, I feel kind of inspired.

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(no subject)

Played Live with Stuntrock, atomly and Cruder and Dorkmeister. I had a live Reaktor ensemble that had some live loops sampling, some interactively sequenced drum samplers, prerecorded tracks, and a delay. The first part was all live, and I was sampling the sound of making a salad, which I then tossed and fed to the audience. Then I played some loud guitar stuff (playing guitar, and hand percussion) and for the big finale, sang "True Faith" by Joy Division.

I couldn't really hear myself sing very well so I sang as loud as I could, just to hear myself. I think it sounded more punk rock that way. There's a certain delicacy to New Order combined with the rawness of the drums, that I'm not sure I really captured but what the hell. The backing track sounded rad over a big PA and I borrowed Lucas' Chorus pedal for that 80's guitar sound, and I played some sorta Hookie-sounding stuff on the low strings.

People seemed to like it and I may get to play Des Moines as a result. Can YOU say you're going to play Des Moines?

I'm beat,but atomly and cruder and dorkmeister and stuntrock were all fan fucking tastic. My apologies to Stillborne who I'd told last summer I would have back to play with Stuntrock, it had been six months and I'd totally forgotten, but I'll have him back for the Harm Stryker/Skin Matrix show.

Midwest Raver Kurt Eckes came through with blitzy666/Shannon(? think that's hsi name. m3an13 and dooriya were in full effect. Thanks for the support. Everyone went away happy no one got hurt, even though there were sharp knives on stage.

PS One of the people there was this guy in the Military who I couldn't hear very well because he was seriously blitzed, but what I gathered was that he just got out of the Military, after being sent home from Iraq on a discharge -- said some shit blew up in his face, and that he'd been at Walter Reed for some time. He stuttered like Billy Babbit, his eyes were dilated and he didn't blink.

That and some friends acting really slap-happy and borderline scary. Good ol Midwest hardcore, this is how we do it.

Oh and 2 people complained about the distortion during Stuntrock's set. I told them that he wants to sound like that -- I had the board trimmed so that his high end was relatively mellow, so to my ears it was not even that loud -- he wasn't pegging the house mixer at all.