March 18th, 2004



I'm flying into London June 12th with Sean, and coming back the 25th.
In between plans are foggy but I want to hook up with my friends Manue & Chris in Paris, and maybe some of the Techno contingent in Berlin. The tentative plan is to bop around on Ryan Air to get between cities. I guess the days of cheap-ass train fares are over, more's the pity. The trainride from Villach, Austria to Venice in 1985 was a peak travel experience. I'll take a train any day over a plane.

Tickets are hella expensive. I'm spending my retirement on this one. Oh well. It will, however be great to see freshradish and phonopsia. And since I've not had a vacation-vacation since like March 2002, I'm ready.

Sean wants to go to Dublin for Bloomsday. That sounds wicked. I don't know if I want to do that with him or just stay in London and get over jet lag until we hook up with Lucas a couple days later. Not like London isn't plenty, after all.

If we just do London & Environs, Paris & Environs, and Berlin & Environs, that would be great by me. At this point going anywhere on a trip is a trip for me. I had great fun in small towns in southern Kansas when I took Sean to Texas in 2002, so I'm easy to please.