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Okrzyki, przyjaciel!

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April 7th, 2004

Trojan Women [Apr. 7th, 2004|08:33 am]
Okrzyki, przyjaciel!
If I was in NYC I'd want to see this
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Quote of the Day [Apr. 7th, 2004|10:23 am]
Okrzyki, przyjaciel!
From This Article
"Something spooky about a place where the Thai food is actually bad." -- William Gibson, talking about NYC
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Fucking Fuck Fox [Apr. 7th, 2004|08:01 pm]
Okrzyki, przyjaciel!
Talk about a buzzkill. I guess last week Fox cancelled "Wonder Falls" -- I got to see the pilot only, a few weeks ago. WTF? They're replacing it with another of their assy reality shows. Oh well.

Whatever happened to letting a show find it's audience? Promotion? It looks like Fox bought this show and cancelled it because it wasn't a huge hit in the first 2 weeks. Maybe it wasn't tawdry and didn't pander enough to the mouth breathers. Fuckos.

If you want to have a harsh, ironic laugh, though, watch Dennis Miller on Fox News. He's so not funny. The studio audience doesn't laugh at his jokes. That's what you get for becoming a Republican anuslicker, sport!
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