April 13th, 2004



OMFG. Bush 'answering' questions was like Mr. Magoo driving. Every question was just a pretext to mash up bits of his talking points. I can't wait to see the transcript. There was one question along the lines of "In the last campaign you were asked what your biggest mistake had been, and you joked that it was trading Sammy Sosa. What would you say your biggest mistake since 9/11 has been?"

He looked gobsmacked and then went off on a free association rant -- not even free association, since no two consecutive sentence fragments seemed connected --- rant that came back inevitably to conflating 9/11 with Iraq. It was like he opened his mouth and confetti came out.

He's got to go. I'm not that excited about Kerry, and Kerry's talking points are just as absurd, but Kerry at least demonstrates some capacity for rational thought. Bush's mind is a rag and bone shop of half remembered patriotic cliches.